Fire Tyre Recommendations

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Tyre examinationDurable and failure-free vehicle operation directly depends on attention and care of an owner. Beginners and experienced drivers need to know a basic classification of vehicle tyres in order to provide durable vehicle functioning. The majority of the Fire Tyre selection belongs to a hot season tyre category. The distinctive advantages of such tyres are: hard material, sustainability to high temperatures or maximum speed rates and optimal depth of protectors with a simple tread design.

It is important to get familiar with construction specifics of wheels, which can be reviewed in technological documents in detail, it can be also found on a petrol cap or a door front edge. The needed information concerns wheel dimension type and geometry, such as bore diameter, type height and width, maximum speed limit and capacity, country of production.



Qualitative tyresNon-observance of these characteristics may result in such driving issues, as:

However, low-profile configurations provide a better vehicle handling, cornering ability and overall control. Before choosing a tyre type, it is recommended to analyse the most used road pavement.

Tread pattern also influences vehicle driving characteristics. Here are the commonly known pattern categories: