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Energy Saver

Energy Saver tyres are developed for a number of vehicle categories: town cars, family vans, coupes and minivans. The main advantages of a model are: reduction of fuel consumption, advanced safety, durability, light and flexible frame structure.

Energy Saver

Primacy HP

Primacy HP tyres are perfect for premium and executive-class cars. Asymmetrical protector tread provides optimal vehicle control in various road conditions, a signature elasticity tester is used for smooth tyre wear and rolling resistance guarantees fuel economy.

Primacy HP

Latitude Cross

Latitude Cross tyres present a comfort level of highway tyres and are developed for off-road conditions. The tyres surprise with durability and maneuverability qualities on such surfaces, as dirt, grass, sand, rocks and ground. The protector tread is supplied with cutting points and pyramidal pins, similar to winter tyres.

Latitude Cross

Pilot Exalto PE2

Michelin engineers have developed the Pilot Exalto edition exclusively for SUV and super SUV. The variable contact patch principle was used in these tyres development, which provides perfect steer control on a dry road surface. The tyre pressure is also evenly distributed in case of sudden cornering and braking.

Pilot Exalto PE2

Latitude Tour HP

Latitude Tour HP tyres are suitable for all multipurpose over-the-road vehicles. The topical engineering advantages of a product are: flexible and solid framework, optimal contact patch adaptivity and a terrain-proof rubber mixture with addition of polymers, which level the abrasive ground effect.

Latitude Tour HP