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Eagle F1 Asymetric 3

Eagle F1 Asymetric tyres were developed using the Active Braking technology, which increases a contact patch and adherence while braking. The proprietary rubber mixture includes a special component – sticky resins for better surface adherence. Such qualities are sufficient for dry and wet road conditions.

Eagle F1 Asymetric 3

Efficient Grip

Efficient Grip edition is known for an effective reduce of fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. A lighter frame construction, combined with a special polymer component, lowers energy expenditure and rolling motion.

Efficient Grip

Eagle F1 Asymetric 2

Eagle F1 Asymetric 2 tyres allow to use the maximum capacity of a vehicle. Silica containing polymer is used in production of a protector surface. It provides a better road adherence in various weather conditions. A firm tyre frame helps to achieve accurate steer-ability at maximum speeds.

Eagle F1 Asymetric 2

Efficient Grip Compact

Efficient Grip Compact is famous for a unique protector tread design, which reduces rolling resistance and carbon dioxide emissions. Rounded protector grooves prevent water accumulation and extend a tyre exploitation period. A brand new construction is characterized with double wide grooves, enlarged drain grooves and relief edges, which distribute water and increase braking efficiency.

Efficient Grip Compact

Vector 4Seasons Gen-1

Vector 4Seasons Gen-1 protectors have special structure, optimal for different seasons and weather. Strengthened protector parts resist hydroplaning, exclude drifting on wet road, guarantee sustainable corning and reduce brake path.

Vector 4Seasons Gen-1