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As plastic surgery acceptance has increased among young and old and among male and female so are the myths around various plastic surgeries has increased. This usually happen as we tend to generalize the results based one-person surgery outcome. And as we all know there could be multiple factors affecting the outcome like underlying health conditions, healing time, infections, blood clotting, quality of material used, cleanliness of equipment used during surgery.

Out of the above factors few limitations are taken into consideration like underlying health conditions before surgery is performed. But other factors can be checked and improved. To ensure very good results visit to consult our top-class surgeons who can ensure accurate results.

Its Only Meant for The Rich

Many assume plastic surgery is only for rich people who can afford it. But this is not true according to a recent survey its actually middle-class people are more opting for plastic surgery. But as media only highlights the rich people on how they have enhanced their looks with plastic surgery this misconception remained like that.

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It Involves A Huge Cost

This is not true. A Decade ago, plastic surgery meant more money. But as technology has developed rapidly and also due to widespread acceptance of plastic surgery, costs have come down drastically. As doctors and hospitals are focusing more on affordability and also various insurances are providing cover too few plastic surgeries now.

Botox Is Dangerous

It is a dangerous injection as it contains bacteria. Botox is indeed made from a certain kind of bacteria and its safe for usage. Only in cases of very high dosages it is harmful. But no cases have been reported recently about Botox injection failing.

It’s Only for Women

Plastic surgery has always been associated with women as it deals with enhancing looks. But this outlook has changed completely, now men are equally competing with women into terms of looks. 

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High Recovery Time

With improved equipment, improved pain medication the recovery time as been reduced to a large extent. Many people are able to get back to their routine lifestyle in less than a week. 

There Are No Scars

Plastic surgeons can reduce the thickness and visibility of scars but cannot eliminate the scars completely. Scars are bound to be there and also no surgery is permanent everything has certain longevity period.