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Liu Ruyu, Vice Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Pizhou, investigated the red demonstration property of Oriental County
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        On the morning of September 21, Liu Ruyu, Chairman of Pizhou CPPCC, led the National People's Congress, CPPCC, Self-regulatory Bureau, Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, Real Estate Service Center, Donghu Street, Yunhe Street and other functional departments to investigate the red demonstration property of Oriental County Project.


        Liu Ruyu and his delegation came to the Oriental County Project to learn about the property management, environmental greening and supporting facilities for convenient services of the community in detail, listened to Manager Wu Baojian's report on the creation process of the red property, inspected the on-site situation and work progress of the red property, and inspected the red screening hall, joint conference hall, party member activity room, and red activity square.


        Chairman Liu Ruyu learned about the operation and management of Oriental County, and affirmed the current achievements of Oriental County; He highly praised Oriental County for successfully creating a red property demonstration community and passing the provincial red property demonstration community. During the epidemic prevention and control period, Oriental County was able to give full play to its role in fighting the epidemic, ensuring supply and providing wholehearted services. The owners of the community also gave full recognition.

        Chairman Liu Ruyu pointed out that in order to continue to do a good job in the construction of grass-roots party organizations and "red property" work, we should comprehensively improve the governance capacity of communities and communities under the leadership of party building, and constantly enhance the sense of access, happiness and security of community owners. The property of the community has a close relationship with thousands of households, and the quality of property services has a direct bearing on social harmony and stability. We should give full play to the important role of grass-roots party organizations in promoting the sustainable development of "red property", actively play the vanguard role of party members, do more warm things, and strive to build a harmonious community with harmonious neighbors and help each other, and constantly meet the owners' yearning for a better life. At the same time, the property company should actively explore and innovate methods, strive to actively promote the tripartite linkage between the industry committee, the property company and the community on the premise of serving the community owners well, adhere to the guidance of party building, regularly hold tripartite joint meetings, and strive to improve the owner's satisfaction.

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