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Grasp the "golden period" and strive to exceed the target
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In the golden autumn of October, there are innumerable great achievements. Under the wise guidance of the Group Company and the joint efforts of all employees, the fifth phase project of the Oriental Emperor City has achieved another success. With a high sense of responsibility and a positive spirit, all the staff of the project department constantly set off a new high tide of construction. Good news was reported frequently on the construction front line, and obvious results were achieved.

In order to seize the golden season of construction, the project department quickly sounded the "horn". They carefully planned and refined the construction tasks, arranged the construction period in reverse, insisted on holding a "meeting" every day, practically solved the problems existing in the construction process of the day, strengthened the monthly assessment, improved the reward and punishment mechanism, and pushed forward the progress of the project. At present, the main body acceptance of building 28/29/31/32/52/53/58 of the fifth phase of Oriental Emperor City has been completed; About 50% of external wall insulation and internal and external wall plastering have been completed; Building 60 # has been capped; Building 30 #, Building 55 # and Building 56 # have been poured to the 19th, 18th and 15th floors respectively.

In the face of the severe situation of the recent continuous rebound of the COVID-19, the project department will continue to rise to the challenge, improve its position and take the initiative to urge the projects under construction to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, and work hard to catch up with the progress, adhere to the principle of not compromising the goals, not shifting the focus, and not slackening its efforts, and strive to complete the work tasks of the year with the strongest responsibility and the most powerful work measures.

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