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A delegation led by the Chairman and General Manager of the Group Company inspected the documents and project construction
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On the morning of September 22, Chairman Liu Guomin, General Manager Jian Hui, Deputy General Manager Wang Yuanxin, Liu Lei and Secretary of the General Party Branch Liu Qiang of Orient Group led the heads of engineering, technology, marketing and other relevant departments to Wenhe Jiayuan Project to inspect the project construction.

Under the guidance of the Project Department, the Chairman and his delegation first went to Wenhe Jiayuan Project School for engineering research. The construction of all auxiliary works such as the main building, roads, tap water, strong electricity and playground has been completed, and the completion acceptance has been completed. The Chairman and his delegation carefully checked the classroom layout, public section decoration and playground, and then went to Wenhe Jiayuan Residential Area to investigate the safe and civilized construction, external insulation construction, and building construction.

At the summary meeting in the conference room, the leaders of the group and all departments and offices gave guidance on the highlights and shortcomings of the project construction. The project department also answered the questions raised one by one, and reported to the chairman on the quality, progress, safe and civilized construction, epidemic prevention and control, funds, personnel training, corporate culture implementation and other representative aspects of the project construction.

The chairman affirmed the achievements made by the Wenhe Jiayuan project team and the satisfaction and social honor obtained by Party A. At the same time, he put forward higher requirements and expectations for the project in terms of building excellent managers, cultivating industrial craftsmen, and doing well in interaction and strategic cooperation with Party A and teams. The project is required to practically implement all work, achieve meticulous construction and management, and satisfy the owner and society.

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