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All staff of Jiayuan Property engagement in study, successfully started training mode.
Release time:2022-09-12      Click:64

In order to improve the quality of employees, meet the development needs of the company and employees, and build an excellent talent team, all employees of Jiayuan Real Estate Phase III Project gathered on the second floor of Oriental Famous County to conduct a training on property quality improvement.

The study year of Jiayuan is 2022. Although the previous course review, screening and lesson preparation have been done well, it didn't officially start until the afternoon of August 10th due to the epidemic. Secretary Liu of the Group was invited to attend the opening ceremony of this training course and delivered a speech.

Training employees can not only promote the establishment of enterprise culture, but also improve the comprehensive quality of employees and meet the needs of enterprise development. In order to ensure that the design and content of training courses can meet the general needs of employees, as well as the needs of employees in different departments, levels and positions, the relevant staff will read and screen them repeatedly, and strive to be easy to understand and timely. In the course, everyone listened attentively and remembered carefully, not missing any detail, even a word.

Through this training, employees can realize their own shortcomings and enhance their self-confidence. It is a long-term task to strengthen the training of enterprises and cultivate technical talents. Jiayuan Property will base itself on the reality, find a breakthrough point and make efforts to build a learning team.

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