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Yongcheng Construction "cares about employees and sends them cool in hot summer"
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Lou Decheng, deputy general manager of Yongcheng Construction, led his office, safety supervision department, engineering department and technology department to the construction site on June 25th, visiting and consoling the frontline workers who fought in the hot summer, and delivered mineral water, mung beans, sorbet tickets and other materials to the employees, which made the frontline workers feel comfortable and cool in the hot summer.

Since June, with the rising temperature, the employees of Yongcheng Construction have been sticking to their posts with a high sense of responsibility, fighting the epidemic, fighting the heat and ensuring production, and making every effort to ensure the safety of production and operation at the construction site. During the condolence activities, General Manager Lou expressed his gratitude to the workers in the hot summer. He stressed that in hot weather, all staff must ensure the safety of employees. First, it is necessary to arrange the work and rest time reasonably, avoid the hot weather, and adopt the method of "leaving early and returning late" to concentrate the production work in the morning and evening. Second, all staff must persist in scientific construction and ensure the smooth progress of the project. Third, all staff should do a good job in logistics. During work breaks, mung bean soup is provided continuously, and summer-cooling products such as cooling oil and Huoxiang Zhengqi Shui are distributed to each employee. Fourth, be prepared to deal with emergencies. There should be enough first-aid medicines, emergency personnel, frequent emergency rescue and adequate emergency response capacity. Fifth, all staff should strengthen safety work. In hot weather, workers are easily distracted at work, especially when working on the edge and at high places. They should pay attention to protect themselves and avoid secondary injuries caused by heatstroke.

The company and various project departments should strengthen their awareness of safety, earnestly implement the responsibility system for safe production, put an end to all kinds of potential safety hazards, strictly control the production process, put the safety management system in place, and ensure the orderly construction of the project.

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