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Record of log import expansion of the Group's international trade sector
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Under the guidance of the national strategy of "Green mountains and clear water are equal to mountains of gold and silver.", the policy of "keeping farmland and protecting forests" will basically remain unchanged. China is the largest timber producer in the world, and the domestic timber supply will face a huge gap for a long time to come. This makes the Group realize that only by locking the primary resources of foreign logs can it achieve sustainable business development. Therefore, under the weight of the epidemic situation, the Group insists on the field visit to North America by the head of the international trade sector every year, forms a stable partnership with local resource companies, and makes use of the overseas funds of the Group to cooperate with local logging companies, laying a solid foundation for future development.

Since May, 2021, the international trade section of the company started. After the first cargo ship "British Bay" imported Canadian logs arrived at Lanshan Port, in a year of rapid development, cargo ships such as "Olive Bay", "Kerry", "Island" and "Olive Bay 2" successively arrived in Hong Kong, and hemlock, spruce and spruce from the United States, Canada, Germany, South Africa and Uruguay. Imported wood is widely used in real estate construction wood square, ancient buildings, sauna board, wall board, blockboard, longevity board, plywood, particle board, etc.

With the second half of this year, with the national macro-control and the gradual recovery of the economy, and with the relaxation of the real estate industry, the operation of the international trade sector will become stronger and stronger.

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