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Rhine County

Company profile

The Rhine County, which occupies an excellent location in the city, is elegantly connected to the old administrative center and the old town. With more than 200 acres of land, it has carefully created the most promising middle class glory territory.

The Rhine County, located in the most agile riverside area of the Weihe River, is adjacent to Xindaihe in the north and is blessed with an out-of-print land. With multi-storey and various villas, it stands in the wind and water, forming a very prosperous architectural skyline; adjacent to the urban ecological corridor, it has 20 acres of public green space, enjoying the spectacular beauty of the government planning and spending huge amounts of money. The landscape along the river, living in the city, living in the landscape, savoring the original ecological life.

Regional advantage

1. Because she is the first large-scale multi-storey + villa garden waterfront community.

2, because she is adjacent to the spectacular and beautiful scenery of the Weihe River, natural oxygen bar, especially suitable for living.

3. Because she is built on the urban ecological corridor, she is in the core area of the new city.

The park

A large number of parking spaces can meet the increasing demand of private cars, and are equipped with household heating interfaces and pipeline gas. Zhangzhou Jiayuan Property Management Co., Ltd., affiliated to Xuzhou Dongfang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., is a more senior professional property company in the north of Jiangsu Province, and will provide you with tailor-made services!

We are happy to provide you with the following services: Property Maintenance; Community Cleaning; 24-hour Security; Gardening Maintenance; Hydropower Maintenance; Intelligent Management; Vehicle Management; Emergency Procedures; Housekeeping Services; Community Culture Construction; Other Demand Extension Services.

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