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Oriental Emperor City

Company profile

The Dongfang Dijingcheng project covers an area of about 675 acres and has a planned construction area of about 700,000 square meters. It is the largest real estate in Zhangzhou. The ancient canal that has been flowing for thousands of years divides the project from north to south. It is planned to develop four phases, with a phase of more than 100,000 square meters. Basic sales have been completed and some have been delivered to the owner.

The project is located in the core area of the new old city of Cangzhou City, east of Dongtai Road on the north side of Century Avenue, Canal Town. It is adjacent to the administrative center of the city government and the central axis of the urban landscape and the largest wetland park in Zhangzhou. It is a rare place for humanities and feng shui.

Regional advantage

The project is planned to have multi-storey houses, duplex houses, single-family villas, double-family villas, townhouses, retreat garden houses, small high-rises and other property types. Rich in the form of property, neatly standing on the bank of the ancient canal, leading the direction of the property market in Zhangzhou, and fulfilling the dream of human habitation in Zhangzhou. At the same time, the project is fully equipped: the east is Xincheng Middle School, the west is adjacent to the famous Mingde Middle School, and there are hotels, agricultural and sideline products market, decoration market, old cadre activity center, children's activity center, post office, telecommunications bureau, power supply bureau, Banks, Chinese medicine hospitals, bus terminals, large supermarkets, etc., with complete living facilities and extremely convenient transportation: Century Avenue, Jianshe Road, Fuzhou Road and Beijing Road surround it, only 5 minutes drive from the expressway entrance.

The park

The project has been handed over to the subsidiary company of the Group, Zhangzhou Jiayuan Property Management Co., Ltd. In this year's Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Evaluation Ratio, there are four communities in Xuzhou District, and the Oriental Garden (Zhangzhou) managed by Jiayuan Property Management Co., Ltd. Rheinland County, both were selected. Intelligent area of the community:

1. Wall warning system

2. Car access system

3. Property electronic patrol system

4. Background music system

5. Visual intercom system

6. Fiber and heating reserved interface

7. Pipeline gas, etc.

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Project address: Fuzhou Road, Quzhou City

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