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Oriental County

Company profile

“Oriental County” is located 100 meters south of the south gate of Zhangzhou Municipal Government of Changjiang East Road. It is opposite the Zhangzhou Archives and is located at the core of the hinterland of Xincheng District. It is adjacent to Bohai Avenue in the east, Changjiang East Road in the north, Lushan Road in the west and south to Lushan Road. Jianqiu River has a total area of about 365 mu and a planned building area of about 600,000 square meters. The new modern Chinese style is planned to be developed in three phases. The project has a rich architectural form, consisting of small high-rises, high-rises, and commercial streets along the street. It is composed of a full underground garage and other supporting public service facilities such as clubs, kindergartens, and primary schools.

The project is adjacent to Shagou Lake Wetland Park and Jiufeng Garden. It is surrounded by Zhangzhou New People's Hospital, Sports Center, Administrative Center, Zhangzhou No. 1 Middle School, Xinshixiao, Dongfang Experimental Primary School, Mingjun Dadi Sunshine Kindergarten, High Speed Railway Station, Neighborhood Center, and Planning. High-end facilities such as museums and archives. The location is excellent and the transportation is convenient.

The project is based on the concept of comfortable, healthy and luxurious life, and enjoys the attitude of life, creating a high-quality ecological and healthy community for you in Zhangzhou.

Regional advantage

1. There are planned inter-city high-speed rail stations in Zhangzhou; Xulian Expressway, multiple bus lines, three-dimensional traffic, and convenient traffic.

2. The project is adjacent to Jianqiu River, Jiufeng Garden and Shagou Lake Wetland Park. One river and two parks are surrounded by green acres. It is an ecological oxygen bar in the city.

3, Yinghua Experimental Primary School, Zhangzhou No. 1 Middle School and other major schools are surrounded by projects, no longer worry about children's schooling problems, let the children win at the starting point.

4. The exhibition center, the sports center, the planned People's Hospital and other cultural and sports facilities are available to make your life comfortable and worry-free.

The park

In terms of architectural style:

The first classical aesthetic architecture of Zhangzhou New Oriental. The fa?ade of the building between China and the West is a stunning feast of the city. A selection of high-grade fa?ade building materials, noble and elegant texture.

On the landscape:

The interior landscape of the community is controlled by the international top landscape design company Cox (COX). Ingenious garden landscape, creating a one-minute eco-sphere of heaven and earth.

In terms of business support:

40,000 square meters of community-style commercial street, the only business in Xincheng District is the most comprehensive and excellent community business support.

In the property management side:

The Jiayuan Property of the Oriental Group, together with well-known domestic property management experts, comprehensively refreshed the property management concept, allowing the owners to truly feel the service enjoyment of the high-end community.

Good appreciation


Developer: Eastern Group

Service Center: 0516-66681333 0516-80213333

Project address: Opposite to the Municipal Government of Changjiang East Road, Cangzhou City

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