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Jiangsu Meilian Bilin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Company profile

Jiangsu Meilian Bilin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the industrialization of natural organic agriculture. Companies adhering to the "natural, safe, nutritious" development philosophy, follow the "organic, recycling, intensive" modern agricultural development ideas, combined with the American Pecans Association, with the economics of Pecans (American pecans) as the main body, committed to Create China's largest community of Pecans industry. The company specializes in teaching Professor William Douglas Goff of Auburn University as a long-term consultant.

The base is located in Xinhe Town, Cangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, with a total area of more than 10,000 mu. The first phase is planted with 1,680 mu and the investment is 50 million yuan. Based on the modern constant temperature greenhouse nursery base, intelligent operation management, and the management concept of various nesting and interplanting projects, the company has created a new type of agriculture that integrates “life and leisure, ecological protection, tourism and holiday, and cultural heritage”.

The company plans to plant 10,000 mu of Pecans in the base within 10 years, and cultivate 200,000 plants/year of grafted seedlings, integrating seedling, planting, processing and sales. The total investment of the project is 400 million yuan. After the investment is completed, the company's production capacity and operating level have significantly improved. It is estimated that the annual output of Pecans is 1.5 million kilograms, and the average output value per mu is 9,000 yuan. Through deep processing, the sales amount can reach 200 million yuan. Pecans are not only good in fruit, but also excellent in wood. It grows rapidly, the tree is tall, the tree poses beautiful and straight, the branches and leaves are dense, and the trunk is straight. It is an ideal tree species for urban and rural garden greening. In the United States, Pecan Fruit Wood Furniture and Crafts has always been a symbol of elegance and wealth. It is one of the most high-grade woods in the world and has broad market prospects.


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