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Pizhou Dongfang Port Co., Ltd.

Company profile

Zhangzhou Dongfang Port is invested and constructed by Xuzhou Dongfang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. It is located in the west of Xutang Power Plant and on the left bank of the Grand Canal. The port has a vast economic hinterland and convenient transportation. The Bohai Railway runs through the east and west, Lianhuo Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and Jingfu. The high-speed, Ningxu high-speed three-way surrounds, forming a land-based collection and distribution system extending in all directions. At present, it has bulk cargo and container operation areas, 4 kiloton-class berths, and designed annual capacity of 3 million tons. The main equipments of the port include: 1 track-type gantry crane, 2 shore cranes, 1 150-ton truck scale, 3 trucks, 20 heavy trucks, 5 loaders, 2 packing platforms and 1 front crane. One 2,000-ton container ship.

The port business includes coal handling and container loading and unloading business. There are 2 coal berths, designed to have an annual throughput of 2 million tons, 200,000 tons of coal, 2 container berths, and a design annual capacity of 30,000 TEU. Loading and unloading 20GP and 40GP containers, becoming an important port for coal distribution centers in Shaanxi, Jin, Lu, Ningbo, Inner Mongolia and other inland rivers and hubs for domestic transportation.

The Oriental Port will earnestly fulfill its mission of “returning the industry to the society and assisting regional development” and contributing to the construction of Xuzhou billion tons of large ports.


Developer: Cangzhou Dongfang Port Co., Ltd.

Service Center: 0516-86987333

Project address: Xutang Community, Zhangzhou Economic Development Zone

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