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Xuzhou Dongfang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. is located at No. 90, Yanhe Road, Pizhou City, adjacent to the ancient golden waterway Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It was founded on March 18, 1994. At the beginning of its establishment, it mainly focused on inland shipping business. After more than ten years of development and development, it has become a collection of real estate development, property, hotel, investment, trade, maritime transportation, port terminal, container transportation, international trade and many other businesses. The large-scale group company is now in the stage of diversified and high-speed development. The main subsidiaries and cooperative units are:

1. Pizhou Dongfang Shipping Co., Ltd. [Inland Shipping]

2. Pizhou Dongsheng Coal Co., Ltd. [Trade of coal, sand, cement, etc.]

3. Pizhou Jiayuan Property Management Co., Ltd. [Provincial Excellent Property Management]

4.Pizhou Gold Coast Hotel [star rating]

5. Pizhou Dongfang Haoyuan Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. [Strong strength, social association]

6. Jiangsu Oriental Huayuan Shipping Co., Ltd. (Nanjing) [Inland Sea Storage and Transportation]

7. Pizhou Dongfang Port Co., Ltd. [The first container storage and transportation port and inland river freight and logistics center in Pizhou]

8. Jiangsu Dongjia International Logistics Co., Ltd. [joint venture]

9. Jiangsu Oriental Yuhua International Trade Co., Ltd. [International trade and other services]

10. Pizhou Dongfang Huatai Trading Co., Ltd. [Trade and other services]

In recent years, our company has paid more than 10 million annual tax payments, directly providing hundreds of jobs, indirectly driving thousands of labor opportunities, urban construction, labor and employment and people's living standards in Pizhou and Xinyi. The improvement has made due contributions and achieved good social and economic benefits. The Oriental Group has been rated as "Economically Vibrant Company" and "Excellent Enterprise in Huaihai Economic Zone" by the People's Government of Jiangsu Province for several consecutive years. It has been rated as "AAA Credit Enterprise" by Jiangsu Consulting Company and has been rated as "Glorious Star" by the Municipal Government. Enterprise "equal honorary title.

The glorious history of the company embodies the sweat of the oriental people and records the care of all walks of life. The Oriental Group will continue to pursue the service concept of "sincere service, beyond satisfaction" and work together with the community to create a better tomorrow!

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