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Jiangsu Dongfang Yuhua International Trade Co., Ltd. is a large-scale economic entity formed by the Oriental Group and a number of production-oriented enterprises. It integrates production, sales, import and export, agency, product development and quality inspection.

Since its inception, Jiangsu Dongfang Yuhua International Trade Co., Ltd. has relied on timber, food, chemical and other products and the Oriental Group's own resources to optimize the allocation, forming a clear division of labor, mutual coordination, and the respective advantages of the annual import and export volume of 200 million US dollars. The above-mentioned trade and industry integration enterprises. Business involves:

1. Export processing plates: plywood, building formwork, MDF, etc.

2. Import and export of agricultural and sideline products: garlic, chestnut, ginkgo, other types of fruits and vegetables.

3. Imported wood: Canadian hemlock, spruce, fir, Douglas fir, New Zealand radiata pine, Russian larch, Southeast Asia Malacca and hardwood core board.

4. Building materials hardware.

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