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Jiangsu Dongjia International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Xuzhou Dongfang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. and Zhangjiagang Yongjia Container Terminal Co., Ltd. It aims to make use of the golden waterway to do a good job in trade and container transportation services for the import and export of materials in Zhangzhou and surrounding areas. In the East Port, there are special container berths, loading and unloading equipment, 20,000 square meters of container stacking sites, automatic packing platforms, and many logistics divisions.

The container liner of Zhangzhou-Zhangjiagang was opened in August 2011. In 2011, it plans to complete 30,000 standard container loading and unloading operations, and achieve the development goal of 100,000 annual loading and unloading by 2015. At present, the operational capacity and container transportation capacity of Dongjia International Logistics Co., Ltd. is one of the most competitive enterprises along the Grand Canal.

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