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Dongfang Port was established with the establishment of Zhangzhou Dongfang Port Co., Ltd., and the Dongfang Port, which was invested and built, is located in the west of Xutang Power Plant and on the left bank of the Grand Canal. The total investment of the first phase of the project is 80 million yuan, and the main body of the terminal is 320 meters and 4 kilotons. Excavation of 15 hectares of harbor pool and 5 hectares of land for backcourt. The main equipments of the port include: 1 track-type gantry crane, 2 shore cranes, 1 150-ton truck scale, 3 trucks, 20 heavy trucks, 5 loaders, 2 packing platforms and 1 front crane. One 2,000-ton container ship. The main function of the port is to carry out container and coal handling services.

Since the trial operation of the terminal in May 2010, up to the end of the year, more than 600,000 tons of groceries have been loaded and unloaded. In August, the port signed the container transportation route of Zhangzhou Port Yongjia Container Terminal Company, and completed the loading and unloading of 3,200 TEUs in 4 months. It is estimated that the port can achieve an annual handling capacity of 30,000 containers and groceries for loading and unloading 1.2 million tons.

Recently, the company applied for the second phase of the project, 700 meters, to build the largest container terminal in Xuzhou City, and built the most competitive port logistics park along the canal. By the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the annual loading and unloading of transport containers will be 150,000, with a long-term reach of more than 300,000 and a cargo throughput of 2 million tons. The Oriental Port will earnestly fulfill its mission of “returning the industry to the society and assisting regional development” and contributing to the construction of Xuzhou billion tons of large ports.

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