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Practice the spirit of volunteerism and help the front-line epidemic prevention
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Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control! Recently, the epidemic situation was severe, and the pressure on community prevention and control increased sharply. Many party members of the company actively played the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, went deep into the community to assist in epidemic prevention, jointly built an epidemic prevention front, and practiced voluntary love with practical actions.

On October 15 and 17, the city launched a new round of large-scale nucleic acid testing. Early in the morning, we went to the nine inspection points in Wuzha Community to coordinate the arrangement of inspection tables and chairs, trash cans, sunshades and other facilities. After the detection, we assumed the responsibility of maintaining the on-site order, guided the detection personnel to line up in a standardized manner and accept the nucleic acid detection in an orderly manner.

In these large-scale nucleic acid tests, our volunteers from Orient Group can actively respond to the call of the government, join in the nucleic acid testing assistance of voluntary service, and help to carry out nucleic acid testing more quickly and orderly together.

There were also comrades from other branches who volunteer in Wuzha Community. Comrades felt that their colleagues at work can make some contributions to the society and can help others. They feel very successful and happy.

        At each large-scale nucleic acid testing site, Party members and volunteers of the company actively participated in social volunteer services. They walked side by side with the vast number of front-line staff and made selfless contributions. They fully carried forward the voluntary spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress" to make the war against "epidemic" more powerful and confident.

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