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The Party branch of Oriental Group held a party class with the theme of "Four Ones" and "Red July"
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In order to strengthen the party spirit cultivation of party members, further improve their political enthusiasm, enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, and strengthen their sense of identity, so that they can always maintain the party's advanced nature and purity. In July, the Party branch of Oriental Group organized a party class with the theme of "Four Ones" and "Red July".

During the activity, the Party branch of the Group concentrated on a study, a political birthday, a party spirit education and a volunteer activity.

On the afternoon of July 1st, Secretary Liu Qiang led a delegation to visit Pizhou Red Centennial Theme Pavilion. During the visit, comrades learned that in the autumn of 1926, Pizhou founded the Communist Party of ChinaCPC, which led the people in the revolutionary struggle and the construction of Pizhou and Pizhou.

On the morning of July 2nd, the general party branch of the Group watched the special documentary film Hard Struggle, which made everyone have a deeper understanding of the glorious history of the Chinese party. It was an arduous history of pioneering work. From the revolutionary martyrs' giving up their lives to the builders' hard work of the Republic, generations of communists continued to struggle, creating a great course for the Chinese nation to stand up, get rich and become stronger. Hard struggle has always been the political essence and fine tradition of the Communist Party of ChinaCPC. Party members discussed and exchanged the content of video learning in combination with their own work practice.

After watching the movie, a "political birthday of Party members" was organized. Secretary Liu Qiang distributed a political birthday card to the party members at the meeting, and led everyone to review their pledge to join the party. During the activity, party members and comrades spoke one after another, recalling their own mental journey of growth, exchanging the reasons for joining the party, growing up, what they have done for the party, and enhancing their confidence in faith.

Secretary Liu Qiang emphasized that history has given us responsibility, and the times are inspiring us to move forward. Promoting the rapid and high-quality development of the company is not only a severe test for all employees of Oriental Group, but also a test for our party members. All party members should bear in mind the mission on their shoulders, enhance their sense of responsibility, be brave in taking responsibility, unite as one, forge ahead and make new contributions with a hard-working spirit, and present gifts to the 30th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Group with outstanding work performance!

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