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From the time Narcissus looked into a pond and saw his reflection, the fascination of reflected images has been with us. Polished surfaces which produced a reflection such as obsidian or metal were the first mirrors, but it wasn't until the first century that mirrors of glass were made.

We've come a long way since then. In contemporary times, mirrors are made with sophisticated processes that produce mirrors with flawless reflections. Mirrors come in every shape, size, and style. A well-placed mirror integrated into the decor unites the components of a room, and is as much an art object as any painting on the wall.

A large mirror produces the illusion of openness and space, with the result that the room appears larger than it actually is. Mirrors add light to a room, reflecting and multiplying light sources. A strategically placed mirror can add considerably to a drab corner or an otherwise rather dark room.

The best workmanship and the greatest beauty can be found with Uttermost Mirrors. Highest quality materials and craftsmanship are a standard in any of their wide array of gorgeous mirrors, suitable for every type of decor.

The Newport Oval gold mirror with antique veining or the Newport Oval silver leaf mirror with gray glaze, frames a classic oval bevel-edged mirror, 32 by 25 inches, perfect for any location.

Or consider the gorgeous Venice mirror has a frame of champagne silver leaf, distressed in black and finished with a gray wash on a Venetian-styled, carved frame. The mirror is a generous 20 by 34 inches.

For a truly interesting addition to your home, consider the set of 2 Logrono square mirrors. The deep, rich finish of the frames is composed of rustic walnut undertones with distressed black overtones. The frames house antiqued mirrors.