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Choosing an Oval Wall Mirror

Wall mirrors can add a decorative flair to any room in the house. Mirrors can make a room look bigger, airier and even brighter if placed properly. There are many different types of mirrors to choose from, as well. Depending on the area and the wall space, choosing the right mirror can totally change the look and feel of the room. One type of wall mirror that can be very versatile is an oval wall mirror.

Oval wall mirrors are commonly placed above small tables, such as key tables. They usually used in entryways, hallways as well as vanity mirrors in bedrooms. The advantage to an oval wall mirror is that they fit in a narrow space, and help make that space look wider and brighter.

One thing to consider when choosing an oval wall mirror is the space around it and how ornate the mirror frame should be. A long, sparse hallway may benefit from an oval mirror with an ornate frame, such as textured antique frame. A key table in an entryway may look better with an oval wall mirror with a brushed nickel frame that while beautiful, is fairly minimal.

Furniture or lack of furniture around the area where the mirror will hang is another consideration. Houses that are decorated with dark, rich hues can be nicely accented with a mirror with a dark frame. This will help the glass of the mirror reflect any light, and contrast with the richness of the dark furniture around it. The converse can also be true. Lighter and airier rooms might look nice with a silver or even wrought iron frame to pick up the brightness of the room.

Oval wall mirrors are fairly common and can be found in many sizes. Before purchasing one, it's best to take a good look at the space and the overall feeling in the room, hallway or entryway. Things to take into consideration include natural light in the room, size of the wall where the mirror will be hanging, and how much furniture and wall accessories will be near it. Thinking about these things in advance will help to narrow down the size as well as the color and how ornate a frame to use. Since oval wall mirrors are popular accessories, there is sure to be one to fit the space perfectly.