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This is our collection of Oil Rubbed Bronze & Bronze Wall Mirrors. Note: Oil rubbed bronze mirrors can still vary in slightly in color. When matching sink fixtures and lights look for colors that compliment not necessarily match 100%.

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Oil Rubbed Bronze Mirrors

Bringing a classic elegance to any room can be as simple as adding oil rubbed bronze mirrors. Mirrors can give the appearance of more open space, and the oil rubbed bronze adds a touch of old world class.

There isn't any need to worry about maintenance. Despite the name these mirrors don't need to be rubbed with oil time and time again to maintain the finish.
Today the majority of rubbed bronze fixtures, including mirrors, are finished with a protective lacquer. The lacquer finish will protect the finish from scratching or becoming discolored with time. As long as you keep the mirror clean and don't rub the lacquer off you'll have very little to do.

Dusting the mirror with a static duster or a dry soft cloth will remove the dust without damaging the finish. If there are spots on the frame that need extra attention you can remove these with a damp cloth and no chemicals.

Cleaning the actual mirror requires a little more work. You don't want to spray any glass cleaner directly on the mirror because the chemicals can run down on to the frame. Take a heavy paper towel or newspaper and spray the glass cleaner directly on it. Use this to gently wipe the mirror avoiding the bronze frame.

With some simple care from time to time you won't have to worry about damaging the finish on oil rubbed bronze mirrors. These mirrors can provide joy for decades when cared for properly.