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This is our collection of Copper and Antique Copper Wall Mirrors. If you can't find an option here, click the Bronze Mirror category link in the left hand navigation.

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Copper Mirrors

Copper has been used in interior decor for hundreds of years. An antique copper mirror is often styled with elegance and adds a special touch. The color is versatile and compliments a variety of color palettes and design styles. Then, the design of the copper frame on the mirror can speak specifically for a particular style. Dressing a wall space with a lovely copper classics mirror gives the room a touch of class.

Copper can be finished in several ways for the desired look. As it tarnishes it turns grayish, mottled and even a blue-green like the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Finished to look polished and new, the color is bright, shiny and reflective. Shaped into a frame, the copper used with our fine quality copper mirrors utilizes finish color and style to provide a wide variety of copper classics mirrors.

From ornate to solid and plain, the style possibilities of copper frames on mirrors are endless. We have a broad selection of style types and with such a grand representation of style we have something to appeal to every taste. Copper classics mirrors can be round, rectangular, and square. The types of style can be delicate copper shaped into vines and flowers or wide and thick frames with little or no ornamentation. A thin frame hardly noticeable can focus the eye on the mirror glass and so can a wide, well-defined frame.

Our collection has something to fit any decor style such as Victorian, Edwardian, contemporary, Early American, and Art Deco. Selecting an antique copper mirror should involve personal taste, an understanding of the decor style of the room in which the mirror will be hung. Room designers can plan the entire room around a mirror that is especially appealing to personal taste or the designer or home owner can purchase a mirror based on current room decor.

Mirrors are an excellent choice when it comes to interior design accents. They are useful for reflection of images, but they also reflect light and, when hung strategically, can help to brighten a dull or darkened room by reflecting light from a light source. Our attractive copper classics mirrors are excellent choices for decor accents.